Fish and Seafood

This is the English recipe site for fish and shellfish dishes.
The same recipes will be published in both Swedish and English. Sometimes I do minor adjustments as the Swedish kitchen might offer ingredients that is not globally available.

As for fish I sometimes mention both the Swedish name and the more common name in English. Fish varieties will wary so sometimes I give alternatives of fish species.

The recipes are tested by me and I like them!
I’m happy to hear comments if you like them too. And if you have suggestions for accompany dishes, side dishes and sauces.
If you have a good wine paring I know both me and other followers are interested so please share in comments.

Not all ingredients can be found all around the world.
Always be careful when substitute. As an example a teaspoon of flake sea salt (fling salt) is less salt than regular table salt.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!

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