Salad Spinner

One tool in the kitchen that I thought I didn’t need until I bought one is the salad spinner. If one eats a lot of salad greens this is a must I must say. There is such a difference to be able to get that water of the salad after it is rinsed. I used to pat my salad with paper towels but the salad spinner is so much better and of course saves on paper. If I buy a bag of of salads green I usually wash them and spin them, and then I keep the greens in the spinner in my fridge and take the greens out as I need them. I have found that the greens stays crisp in the spinner for a longer time.

Salad spinners used to be very big but these days they also come in smaller sizes. I’m not in favour of a brand but I have a small one from OXO that I really like.

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