Prepping Food

Food prep and having the right tools are (according to me) the most important thing about cooking. I love buying what I call “the kitchen utensils that I didn’t know I needed”. Walking around in a kitchen store is something I really enjoy. Make sure you have the basic utensils of good quality before you start to add the utensils you didn’t know you needed.

For me the top 10 tools are:

  1. Good sharp knives; invest in good ones and take good care of them. Dish-washing machine is a no-no for good knives!
  2. A pair of kitchen scissors, they are very handy to a lot of tasks
  3. Sturdy cutting boards (yes multiple; to reduce risk of cross-contamination = food safety!)
  4. A skillet; cast iron or non-stick it’s your choice. I have both!
  5. Pots and pans of different sizes. You don’t need a lot but having them in different sizes helps.
  6. Spatula – I use a spatula for most of my stirring therefore I have a lot of them
  7. A good whisk
  8. Hand mixer
  9. Strainers (different size of the mesh is helpful e.g. you want a finer mesh for fine sauces but you can have bigger “holes” for pasta)
  10. Measuring spoons and cups

Under this page you will find more tips for tricks in the kitchen! And I will share of my extra kitchen tools. So make sure you visit it now and then!

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