Hello there! I’m Maria welcome to my blog!
Three things I enjoy the most: Shoes, Food and Friends.
Yes, one can add a 4th and that would be something good to drink to the food.

My friends often ask me for advice on restaurants and recipes therefore I decided to have a blog and share my passion for food with friends. And as everyone tease me about my shoe collection I throw them in too now and then.

I am a registered dietitian and my philosophy is that good and delicious food do not have to be expensive, hard to get by or prepare. Sometimes the easiest things are the most tasty ones. I believe in balance, moderation and variation! Things I love you might not enjoy at all. Each one of us have our own palate, our own references and our own preferences.

My good friend Linda Larsdotter (also a registered dietitian) always said: Life is too short to not eat and drink well. Due to a tragic accident Linda is not with us any more. She didn’t know how short her life would be but she lived by her motto and really enjoyed food and wine. She taught me to enjoy the moment and enjoy the things I love –  food and wine. And shoes of course!

Under this site I continuously add recipes. Most of them are published in both Swedish and English at the top of the page in groups. I hope you find them as tasty as I do.

I’m from Karlstad in Sweden. Lived in Kernersville, North Carolina USA, in Stockholm, Sweden, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in Toronto, Canada, in Manhattan, NYC USA and just relocated back home to Sweden in April 2017.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and follow my shoes, my food and stay friends.
You can also follow me both on Instagram and on Twitter @myfoodfriends


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Monica Nilsson said:

    Dear Maria,Congratulations to a very inspirational blog about the things we have in common, to the beautiful photos and your new investment that made them possible. As i feel my mouth watering while enjoying your fresh food and restaurant displays I am happy that someone behind me just told me it will be a good idea if I make reservations at Amimotos,one of the best Japanese food and sushi restaurants here in our part of Florida, Punta Gorda.
    Good luck with your new life in Canada and your endeavour to share your experiences
    with us, your old friends ( in many senses) and new ones!
    Kram Mamma

  2. Niknik Wagianto said:

    Hiiiii Maria.. This is such a nice blog with interesting info.. Love the pictures, love the writings, love the fact that you really enjoy life through food. Keep on cooking and posting!

    Nice shoes, too!

  3. Hej Maria, fick tips om din blogg via Eva Skoog som är en gammal vän och arbetskamrat från ungdomsåren. Bloggen ser fin och intressant ut, ska absolut följa. Jag är matskribent/stylist och bloggar på http://www.leparfait.se om du vill kika in. Allt gott/Liselotte Forslin

    • Tack för de orden Liselott! Jag är ingen expert som du :) Har lagt till dig på Instagram och Pinterest också.
      Tyvärr har jag haft lite ont om tid att hinna med sedan flytten till NYC men hoppas kunna få den rullande snart igen.

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