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I often get questions from visitors if I can recommend a pizza place – looks like most people want to eat pizza in NYC! I find that strange considering how much other good food and restaurants here is!

Roberta's Pizza

Roberta’s Pizza

Anyway, I personally find the typical pizza in NYC are doughy and have too much cheese. Yes there is such a thing as too much cheese! Who knew?!?!?

I have a couple favorite places for pizza in NYC and one of them is Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn. As I live in Manhattan I find it to be just a little too far to go to Brooklyn for pizza. So I’m very happy that they also have a place in Urbanspace Vanderbilt Food Hall (next to Grand Central) and at the pop-up Urbanspace (check their website for locations and timings)

Roberta' Pizza at Mad.Sq.Eats

Roberta’ Pizza at Mad.Sq.Eats

Roberta’s uses a wood-fired oven that gives their pizza that delicious fire taste! Using real mozzarella and on their Margherita fresh basil! It is so yummy! I think the pictures talk for themselves.

Wood Fire at Roberta's Pizza

Wood Fire at Roberta’s Pizza

If you are in NYC and like to go to Bushwick, it is an experience itself. It is like an outdoor/indoor garden, that at the same time feels like a pop-up restaurant in an industrial building. Salvage wooden tables and brick and wood walls. It’s hard to explain, worth a visit.

Remember Life is too short to not drink and eat well!