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Some days I get such a craving for burrata! Usually this occurs during summer time, as burrata with ripe sweet tomatoes and some good olive oil is such a great combo! So here in the middle of winter I went past my cheese store and there it said BURRATA on the big street sign! I couldn’t resist!

Burrata - Fresh Italian Cheese

Burrata – Fresh Italian Cheese

At a first glance burrata might look like the regular ball of buffalo mozzarella but it is totally its own delicious creamy cheese! Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese with an outer layer of mozzarella and inner core of cream! The best way to eat it is just to rip it open and let the gooey, creamy inside pour out!



I love it on crusty bread! My cheese store has daily fresh baguettes from Balthazar bakery so that was easy taken care of! For non-New Yorkers Balthazar is a lovely bakery in SoHo. And a famous restaurant!

To my burrata I’ll enjoy a Valpolicella Ripasso! One of my fav Italian reds! Now time for aperitivo! Buon Appetito!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!