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I know right, one really has to be a food nerd to have favorite garlic tools. Here are mine! First it is the garlic roller (the official name is probably garlic peeler). My good friend Eva gave it to me and first I was hesitant how useful it would be, but since first time I used it, I use it every time when I use garlic.

Garlic roller - the peeler

Garlic roller – the peeler

Just pop in the garlic clove and roll it. The outer peel comes easy off and the best no smelling nails!

Garlic peeler

Garlic peeler

The other tool that I use a lot is my garlic grater that another friend gave me. It is a small plate with a spiral with sharp ends. One just takes the garlic clove and rub it over the sharp spiral.

Garlic grater

Garlic grater

If I’m using the garlic in a marinade I just pour a little oil on the plate and all the bits and pieces of garlic pour easy off. I’ve seen similar that has small bumps instead of the spiral.

These are my favorite garlic tools. Might sound unnecessary but I love garlic and uses it a lot so for me these are staple tools I use.

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