Yes I’ve been MIA! I left Toronto as my one year assignment was over. A year goes so quick! Quick trip to the Netherlands to pack up my home before heading for new adventures – moving to NYC! Now settled into my new home in Manhattan! Do I have to tell you – I love NYC!


Moving is stressful and life is not as it normally is. All order is gone and most of the time it is just about to stay afloat! For me the move got another aspect as I broke a finger and got a cast on my right hand. And to make things even worse I cut myself trying to open a box with a scissor. Remember your mother told you not to do that! I now know why you shouldn’t – 9 stitches on my finger tip!


Now in hand therapy to get my fingers moving again as they were totally stiffed and I’m proud to say I can finally use my knives and start cutting and chopping again. And life starts to get back in order. At least a little!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!