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Ever looked at the “ugly” celeriac root and wonder what to make out of it? Soup or slaw are my personal favorites but cold weather in Toronto calls for soup!

Celeriac soup

Celeriac soup

I have small hands and therefore when peeling the celeriac root I have found it easier to use a knife rather than my vegetable peeler. I divide the root in two and then it goes easier to cut off the rough outside with my knife.

When making vegetable soups I often use chicken/ poultry stock or bouillons as I think they add a fuller flavor but for a vegetarian alternative one can always exchange to vegetable stock/ bouillon.

To give this soup a little heat I add some dash of Tabasco. If you don’t like the added heat, the soup tastes good without too. I serve my soup either with fresh bread or make garlic bread or Parmesan bread/ crostinis.

Soup recipe can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!