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Traditional in Sweden we eat the same Christmas food every day after Christmas. At least that is the way it feels like as we cook a lot and there is always tons of leftovers! For many, many days!

For this Friday I am thinking of my family and friends in Sweden and thought they might want to have a nice break from the Christmas food and flavors but still serve a dish that is warm and suitable for the season.

Red Bell Pepper Stew

Red Bell Pepper Stew

In wintertime stews are my number one dish that I make. There are so many ways to cook it with different liquids and herbs to make them versatile. For this Friday I have a beef stew that simmers in red wine and add chopped red bell peppers. The bell peppers add a nice sweet taste to the stew. I add the bell pepper only the last hour of cooking to not over cook it. If you add the bell pepper in the beginning the bell pepper will basically dissolve. It is a preference, and I suggest you try the stew more than once and find your favorite timing. I serve this stew with steamed rice. And of course a nice red wine.

Many of my Swedish friends have the luxury of having game in their freezers! I come from an area with lots of forest and therefore game. This stew is perfect for the tougher pieces of elk/moose.

This recipe is easy to double if you have people over. Or you can just double the recipe to have some nice leftovers. A stew is often tastier the second day!

The recipe can be found on top of the page in Swedish and English!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!