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Last week my friends and I went to Buca here in Toronto. The restaurant is located subterranean and if you didn’t know there is a restaurant you might miss it walking by as the entrance is from an alley from King West. But if you plan to go you most likely will have a reservation as it can be hard to get a table.

Buca - Antipasti

Buca – Antipasti

We started out with a antipasti. They have six meats and six cheese to chose from and our choice came to guanciale (house cured pork cheek rubbed with black pepper), prosciuttini (house cured leg of pork rubbed with rosemary, thyme and bay leaf), salsicce ciociare (house cured pork and fennel sausage). And for cheese we picked montasio, taleggio and blu di frabosa. All was very tasty but the prosciuttini and the blu di frabosa were my absolute favorites. The guanciale was the least favorite for all of us. We also picked nodini; warm bread knots with olive oil, rosemary, garlic and sea salt to be served with our antipasti.

Buca - Gnocchi alla crema di zucca

Buca – Gnocchi alla crema di zucca

After antipasti it was time for two pasta dishes. Gnocchi alla crema di zucca, their hand-rolled ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin, parmigiano and pecorino cheese cream sauce and topped with crisp maple-glazed prosciutto. The sauce were to die for and the gnocchi were just perfect gooey.

Buca - Ravioli doppi

Buca – Ravioli doppi

The second pasta dish was Ravioli Doppi. A double stuffed ravioli, where on one side it had braised goose and foie gras and the other side a goat cheese mousse. As you can see on the picture the ravioli was standing up! It was topped with goose skin crackle, fresh clementine and tangerine. The ravioli was among the best pasta I have ever had. This was so yummy so I can go back just having this dish!

Buca - Pizza patate

Buca – Pizza patate

Lastly we ordered three pizzas. The patate had thinly sliced potatoes, buffalo ricotta, mozzarella and pancetta. It was really good but out of the three this was the least favorite.

Pizza Salumi de Buca

Pizza Salumi de Buca

Pizza salumi de Buca had smoked pizza dough, buffalo cheddar, eggplant and salumi de Buca. This was the favorite of most of our party. I do not like eggplant so not for me but the smoked pizza dough was a nice touch and I would like to have that again!

Buca - Pizza pomodoro e tartufo

Buca – Pizza pomodoro e tartufo

My absolute favorite pizza was the Pomodoro e tartufo. Nice tomato sauce with fresh basil, truffled burrata cheese with fresh shaved truffles. Yummy!

It was five of us and we didn’t manage to finish the last pieces of pizza so I would say this is a pretty good amount of food to eat here. And I definitely recommend a visit.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!