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When it is cold outside I eat a lot of stews and soups. And as I often say basically the difference between a stew and a soup is the amount of liquids!

A lot of my friends ask me for tips and recipes for soups and stews. I have therefore added a soup category at top of the page among the recipes. These soups will be vegetable based but they are not vegetarian per se. By using vegetable bouillon and not adding any meat toppings they can easily be used as vegetarian recipes.

Cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup

First out is a cauliflower soup and as all my recipes you can find it in Swedish and English. I usually mix my cauliflower soup with some potatoes to make it a little more filling as potatoes have a high satiety index. And one of my favorite toppings for this soup is crispy bacon bits! Bacon and cauliflower go so well together!

One of my good friends asked for this recipe the other week and I was very happy when she told me she first looked at my blog before she send me a text asking for the recipe. Sharing recipes and cooking tips are one of my purposes of this blog so she made my day. Also “friends” I haven’t met, I hope you find my recipes tasty and look at my pages for some tips and ideas! Feel free to pass it along.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!