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Today it is first of Advent and for us Swedes the official count down to Christmas! Advent basically means “coming” in Latin. In Sweden we celebrate advent the four Sundays before Christmas. And at each one of the advents’ Sundays we light a candle in our advent candle holder!

1 Advent

First Advent

Here I’m in Toronto and I will honestly admit that there is no time I get more Swedish as during our holidays like Christmas! I’m very happy that when I was packing in February I remembered to pack my own advent candle holder!

So today I can light the first candle. If my sister were here we would have said the first part of the traditional advent poem as we light the first candle:

“När första ljuset brinner
står julens dörr på glänt
och alla människor glädjas
att fira få advent”

Sorry, it loses its meaning in translation but basically it says then the first candle is lighted Christmas is approaching and everyone enjoys the celebration of advent. I hope my Swedish friends enjoy this traditional poem for 1st Advent celebration.

1 Advent glögg

1 Advent glögg

Now I’ll enjoy my glögg (gluewine/mulled wine) and some pepparkakor (ginger snaps). In Sweden we drink our glögg in small cups but I didn’t bring my glögg cups with me so i use the coffee cups that in my rented furnished apartment for my glögg. I think my Swedish family and friends will get a good laugh seeing my size of cup! This is the size we all want but if tradition calls for small cups we will drink from small cups! Even if it require many many refills!

Happy 1st of Advent!
Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!