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There is a little touch of Asia flavor in this Friday Dinner. Chicken in a ginger marinade!

Ginger, honey, garlic and chili are mixed with soy sauce and oil to make up this marinade. Let the chicken marinate for at least an hour. You can also make the marinade in the morning and let the chicken marinate all day in the fridge.

Chicken Skewers Ginger Marinade

Chicken Skewers Ginger Marinade

Put chicken on skewers and grill them in oven. Or outside on the grill if you have warmer weather than we do here in Toronto. Serve the chicken skewers with some blanched baby bok choy and steamed rice.

Serve with sides such as chopped cashews, finely sliced spring onions, slices of lime and a sauce. Recipes can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!

As many Asia flavored dishes a beer fits perfectly!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!