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I grew up with hockey as THE sport. Meaning I watched, not playing. And yes of course my hometown team has the best hockey team! And even moving from country to country I keep on checking their scores.

So when I went to LCBO the other day and the “staff choice” were a Riesling from Wayne Gretzky I had to buy it! Can one go from hockey to wine?

Wayne Gretzky Riesling 2009

Wayne Gretzky Riesling 2009

My verdict: One can! At least with this Riesling! Honestly I’ve found that Rieslings and Gewürztraminer are what they do best in Niagara. And Ice wine of course! The little sweeter wines probably fit the colder climate better just like northern Germany also have these as their best.

The Wayne Gretzky Estates Riesling 2009, has a nice light honey yellow tone with a touch of pink (or maybe it is my table reflecting pink in the wine…) It is crispy with a touch of flower. Some citrus and for me especially peach is prominent. A little tangy but sweet. And it served very well to my steamed sea bass with asparagus!

For those who don’t know hockey; Wayne Gretzky is like THE hockey player! He played 20 seasons in NHL. When he retired he was directly inducted to Hockey Hall of Fame!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!