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Today I’m writing about something that I actually don’t know anything about! A totally new area for me – whiskey!

And of course if I now write about whiskey it falls naturally to write about Swedish whiskey Mackmyra. Even more so as during the Sweden 360 event earlier this week I had the pleasure to sit next to Mackmyra’s Country Manager.

Mackmyra Distilleri Barrel

Mackmyra Distilleri Barrel

Mackmyra were founded in 1999 and first whiskey came out in 2002. They use Swedish ingredients and lots of small casks.  Their casks are stored underground in Bodås mine, 225 km north of Stockholm. If you are interested you can have your own cask! Sign up for Mackmyra Reserve and follow your own whiskey from start to finish!

If not having your own cask you can also buy a bottle all ready to enjoy! Here in Toronto we can now buy Mackmyra The Swedish Whiskey (Brukswhiskey) and Mackmyra First Edition (Den Första Utgåvan) at LCBO. Also Mackmyra Special 04 is available in limited supply. In Sweden there are also other varieties that can be bought and a larger variety of their Specials.

Mackmyra Whiskey

Mackmyra First Edition Whiskey

Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey has for me a softer and smoother taste. And with my whiskey inexperienced taste buds I will say it is a more enjoyable whiskey for a newbie like me. While the First Edition is a malt whiskey and I found that one more spicy and with an edge to it. Something to grow into!

During the Sweden 360 event we were served a drink – Mackirinha – and yes it reminded quite a lot of the Brazilian Caipirinha. (One of my favorite  drinks!) A nice and different way to enjoy whiskey! I will definitely make this one at home!



1.5 fl oz Mackmyra Swedish whiskey (Bruks whiskey)
Half of lime cut in pieces + a wedge for garnish
0.75 fl oz sugar syrup, preferable made on raw sugar
Crushed ice

  • Muddle the lime pieces, preferable in a Rocks or Old Fashioned glass, with a bar muddler or for example the end of wooden spoon.
  • Add crushed ice and sugar syrup, pour over the whiskey and stir.
  • Build up with crushed ice just over the edge of the glass and garnish with the lime edge.

So why this interest in whiskey? I always find new interests in food and drinks and when I talk to someone who knows and like whiskey I get intrigued about their passion for this spirit. So now I’m taking my first baby steps into the world of whiskey!

Pictures and drink recipe are provided by Mackmyra

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!