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This week Sweden took over Toronto! Or at least during one day! And at one place of the city! The Boiler House in the Distillery District!

A day with design, dine and lifestyle experiences with Swedish Premium Brand – Sweden 360 degrees! In the evening it was time to enjoy some Swedish flavors. The Chef for the night, Erik Brännström also known as the Wild Chef (Vilde Kocken), had prepared a delicious 3 course dinner with flavors from Sweden.

Arctic Char Soup with Sandinavian Seafood and Whitefish Roe

Arctic Char Soup with Scandinavian Seafood and Whitefish Roe

We started out with a soup based on parsnip, carrots and potatoes that he had boiled in lobster and chicken stock. And when I asked Erik about it I got the inside scope that he had seasoned with some star anise. Little surprise there for me! He mixed the stock and root vegetables to a make a lovely creamy soup and added arctic char and Scandinavian Seafood. Final touch garnish of whitefish roe. And to the soup we drank cold Danish beer Carlsberg!

Fillet of Vension fingerling potato puree and pickled beets

Fillet of Vension fingerling potato puree and pickled beets

The second course were a fillet of venison that Erik had marinated in the Swedish whiskey Mackmyra and some yogurt. The venison were perfectly prepared and served with a chanterelle sauce, fingerling potato puree and some very lovely raw pickled beets. To this course we were served a red wine from the Niagara Peninsula, Vineland Estates Cabernet-Merlot.

Apple cake with lingonberry icecream

Apple cake with lingonberry ice cream

For third and final course came a Swedish apple cake. The cake had small apple bits and were surprisingly seasoned like traditional Swedish ginger bread (pepparkaka). On top of the cake were a scoop of lingonberry ice cream and a small piece of chocolate. And to it we were served Swedish Rekorderlig Elderflower Cider.

It was strange to be so surrounded by Sweden here in Toronto. But boy did it feel good! And a little like home!

I want to thank the Swedish Ambassador and the Swedish Trade Commissioner and their staff for organizing such a lovely event. And also all the Swedish brands that made this event happen! And of course Erik for a tasty dinner that brought me back home!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!