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It really is chilly and I’ll continue with the stew theme! This time with salmon!

I find a fish stew to be a little more filling than a soup. And as such it works well for a Friday dinner! As root vegetables are in high season I try to take advantages of what is out there in the stores and farmers market. And in a stew like this you can experiment with what you find or maybe have in your own garden. So be adventures and add additional types of root veggies!

Salmon stew in saffron sauce

Salmon stew in saffron sauce

I’m seasoning the stew with thyme (both dry and fresh). And saffron, which brings a rich lovely flavor. And of course saffron will give the dish a nice color! This is a dish in fall colors as the root veggies will turn yellow and the sauce will be bright orange!

Saffron is often called the worlds most expensive spice! And it might be so but one uses so little to get out so much taste and color so then the price is within reach for most of us!

I really like dipping some fresh bread into this rich sauce! And I will serve an unoaked or very light oaked Chardonnay to it! An Indian Pale Ale will also work!

As always the recipe can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!

You can also make this stew into a soup by adding more water and cutting the salmon and veggies in smaller bits and pieces!

Remember Life too short to not eat and drink well!