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It starts to get a little colder here in Toronto! I must say it is a little cozy!
I love to light candles, curl up on the couch, and put on a sweater again! And sipping on red wine!

Also food-wise I start to cook hearty stews and soups! So for this Friday I suggest a beef stew with mushrooms and blue cheese! A very nice combination! I personally thing the cheese gives a little surprising edge to the stew.

Hearty Beef Stew with Mushrooms and Blue cheese

Hearty Beef Stew with Mushrooms and Blue cheese

A stew always taste the best if it gets to cook for a long time on low heat so I hope you have some time this Friday. Stews are generally made by tough pieces of meet therefore don’t stress stews as the time allows the meat to get tender!

At this time of the year you can find a lot of local and regional mushrooms so feel free to use the ones that is available in your area! You might even have picked some yourself out in the woods!

Serve the stew with steamed rice and mixed salad greens! And a lovely red wine! As for cooking liquid no need to use a special red wine as a table red wine works just well!

If you have some blue cheese lefter over, enjoy it with some sliced pears for dessert!

Recipes are found on top of page in Swedish and English!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!