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Fish and fennel! Add in dill and it is a perfect combination! At least for me!

For this Friday dinner tip I suggest to bake the sea bass in the oven and serve it on top of some lightly cooked fennel. You don’t want to complicate fennel as it has so much taste in itself. To it you will serve a white wine sauce seasoned by dill seeds. To work with contrast of the dish use a hand mixer to foam the sauce. And then garnish with some dry dill seeds!

Sea bass with fennel

Sea bass with fennel

Dill and fennel are from the same plant family and yes you might have noticed that the fennel bulb has some dill straws on top of it’s stalks. And if you eat a fennel seed or a dry dill seed you have probably noticed the resemblance in flavor.

As dill and fennel are relatives their flavors are very close to each other and therefore I think this is a lovely combination! I hope you will enjoy it too!

I know eating boiled potatoes is really a northern European thing so if you are not from northern Europe have it a try! We think it is great to serve with fish! And this time of the year you can easy find fingerling potatoes, and I suggest to serve warm newly boiled fingerling potatoes to this dish!

Add a sauvignon blanc and I hope you will have a lovely Friday dinner!
Recipe can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!
Note that the sauce is a reduction so it takes some time to do, but you can prepare it earlier and then do the last steps just before serving.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!