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How many times have I walked outside in bad weather and envy the children wearing proper attire in the rain? How many times haven’t my feet been cold and wet due to bad (wrong) shoes in bad weather? How many pairs of shoes are ruined due to bad weather? And me wearing them in rain!

I must say there is one fashion item that I really like and that is rubber boots – wellies! On a rainy day like today here in Toronto it is lovely to put on my Hunters and walk in all the water puddles just like a child! I can walk everywhere and don’t care at all!

My Hunter wellies

My Hunter Wellies

Honestly there is a child in me so I’ll admit I even try a little extra to walk in the puddles! It is a nice feeling when the water splashes around my ankles! OK so I haven’t come to the stage when I jump in the puddles but maybe one day! When none is looking I might do it!

Cheers for sensible fashion!