Houston we got a problem!
A whole weekend in NYC and I didn’t buy one pair of shoes!?!?!

Honestly I don’t think this has ever happened to me before. Going on a shopping trip and not buying one single pair of shoes! I buy shoes on trips that are not even shopping trips!

Before this trip I had my eyes on a pair of Gommini Driving Shoes from Tod’s but they were out of the ones I wanted! I also wanted a pair of smoking slippers but I couldn’t find one pair I liked! And I didn’t even find a pair of shoes that I just stumble upon! As that is what normally happens to me; I walk by and there they are the ones I need (must have)! But not this time!

Luckily my friend Caroline at least bought a pair so I can at least say I was supportive and encouraging shoe shopping!

DKNY Shoes

DKNY Shoes

Caroline went home with a great pair of DKNY Foundation Sneakers! Myself went home from NYC with two wool ponchos and two pair of gloves! Hey I’m living in Toronto! It will soon be chilly!

Remember Life is too short to not enjoy!