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It is the end of summer and I’m in mood for some more richer food than the light summer food. And when the nights get a little chill I love to again bring out the red wines. So for this weeks dinner I propose a grilled sea bass with a red wine sauce.

Many people can’t even think about red wine together with fish. Personally I think for fishes like sea bass and monk fish, which both are meaty fishes, a lighter red wine works quite well.

To make this sauce you will need some time. As the red wine sauce needs to be reduced. And when reducing a wine sauce one should never rush but give the sauce enough time for the water to evaporate and leave you with a great rich flavored sauce. This red wine sauce I season with chili and rosemary and personally I think it taste so yummy to the sea bass.

Grilled Sea bass with beets au gratin

Grilled Sea bass with beets au gratin

For this week I found some nice yellow beets in the grocery store. And I love beets with chèvre so I pair my fish with beets au gratin with chèvre.

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Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!