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The other day I got the question what is my favorite thing to cook? And I must say the best thing I know is to have friends over for drinks and prepare small dishes; tapas, aperitivo, meze, snacks, nibbles, canapés or whatever you like to call the little things you can nibble on when you have drinks!

My very good friend Micke once said to another friend of ours:
“If you are invited to Maria for drinks you better come hungry!”
And I honestly have to admit that if I invite people for drinks I tend to go overboard!

As this is my favorite thing to make I decided to add a new category to my blog. You find the categories on the left side. And it is called Drinks! But actually it will be not so much drinks as the little things you can serve to drinks. It will most often not be exactly a recipe but some tips and tricks what you can make. I’ve made a couple of posts before that are now there.

Today I share the little pre-dinner nibbles that my sister and I made for our family and good neighbors at our summer house in south of Sweden (Halland).

Drink snacks

Drink snacks

Grissini wrapped with Prosciutto de Parma
Homemade tapenade
Crostini and grissini
Cubes of a good cheese
Three kind of sausages in slices
Olives and Radishes
Served with my mother’s killer Margarita!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!