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After my posting last week some of my friends asked if I could share my tomato sauce recipe with them. It makes me happy when people ask as that means they like to try it out!

As I found some salsiccia – Italian Sausages – in the store and I thought why not make the tomato sauce with salsiccia for this week’s Friday Dinner.

Salsicca al pomodoro

Salsicca al pomodoro

There are many variants of the Italian sausage. And in each country I have lived in, the variants have varied. Some are sweet, some are hot and some has added fennel seeds to them. I encourage you to try different ones as the sauce will taste very different with each one of them.

I always use fresh basil for my sauce. Fresh herbs are best to add at end of cooking or in this case I just add them and let them rest with the sauce as the tomato sauce is quite hot! Dry herbs are best if added in the beginning of cooking as the heat and moisture will help release the flavors over time.

Pasta con salsicca al pomodoro

Pasta con salsicca al pomodoro

And all Italian tomato sauces should be served with fresh grated parmesan! And for me a Chianti fits well with the tomato sauce. And Ruffino Chianti is one of my favorites.

If you just want the tomato sauce follow the recipe and omit the sausage. You can also add chicken, minced or ground meat, mushrooms, peppers and other things you like to the basic tomato sauce. That is what makes the basic sauce so versatile!

Recipes can be found in Swedish and English at top of page.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!