Salsa Verde – green sauce – a classic herb sauce!
There are many different varieties out there! By using different herbs this sauce can be varied in so many ways, with so many different flavors and suitable for so many different dishes.

For this week I suggest the most traditional one; made of olive oil, parsley, garlic and adding Italian anchovy fillets and capers for saltiness. I usually add Dijon mustard to give it a little peppery flavor. And then of course the lemon juice is like the dot over the I! Adds zest and acidity to the sauce!

If I have time I chop all the ingredients by hand. But on Fridays time is not always there and then the pulse function on my food processor comes in handy. If using the food processor I recommend to use it for short period of time as in salsa verde the ingredients should be chopped rather than a uniform thin sauce. You want small bits and pieces in a sauce verde!

Note that lemon juice will turn the bright green color into a dull green so make sure you add the lemon juice just before serving.

Tilapia with salsa verde

Tilapia with salsa verde

For this week I suggest serving this lovely fresh sauce to tilapia. And as it is the season for fresh veggies what taste better than some lightly cooked carrots and new potatoes! This is a dish with lots of late summer flavor and freshness!

Recipe can be found on top of page in Sweden and English.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!