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So I honestly admit it happens I don’t want to cook!

Most people are surprised that if I don’t go out for dinner I actually cook something every day. And as I live cross the street from work I eat lunch at home most days. And I cook then too!

I find a meal tastes best if freshly prepared! One more confession: I hate having leftovers laying around in my fridge! Therefore my lunch just like my dinner is often cooked and prepared from scratch. I admit it takes some planning but there are so many meals that take only 15 min! So with a little plan in my fridge I manage to get a meal ready and eat during my lunch time!

Today I came home from work and I had planned to cook sea bass for dinner! But I just didn’t feel like cooking! So I took a look in the fridge and there I found some Prosciutto, white figs, chèvre, and olives! And here in Ontario it is tomato season so I have tons of tomatoes! Added some fresh basil to the tomatoes! That’s a great combo!

What the fridge offers

What the fridge offers

And in the freezer there is always bread in my home! And my bread is always frozen in slices, to easy throw into toaster or oven, or like today I just spread some garlic butter to the frozen slices and then pop in oven for 10 min! That’s yummy!

Sometimes what ever the fridge has to offer can make a lovely meal! Ok so there might be extra goodies laying around in my fridge….!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!