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Everyone who knows me personally knows that dessert and sweet stuff is not really my thing! If you have been following my blog you probably have noticed that there is hardly any mention of sweets or recipes for sweets! Sorry for that but it is not my thing!

At work we have snack-day every Thursday. I’ve been amazed by the snacks that people have brought and often made themselves. The creativity that some people put in to make their snack day a special one! WOW! Having a theme seams to be the thing! So it was my time and I wanted to do something Swedish. As it is easiest to bake I decided to bake some berry cakes and pies using Swedish recipes!

I wanted to bake a rhubarb pie as for me rhubarb really marks summer goodies! But I couldn’t find any rhubarb as the summer here is hot so the season is really over for rhubarb here. But there are plenty of Ontario Strawberries so therefore my choice landed on a lovely strawberry cake.

Strawberry cake

Strawberry cake

Growing up in Sweden we had lots of red currants in our garden. And honestly a lot of Swedish people have red and black currants in their gardens! And usually we don’t know what to do with it all. Many are we, who grown up drinking homemade red and black currant lemonade and eating red and black currant jelly to our Sunday roasts! So the red currants is another thing that speaks Swedish summer to me!

I found this recipe of a red currant cake on the Swedish blog Söta Saker. I can honestly say that this cake is delicious and I encourage my Swedish friends to try it! The recipe is only in Swedish. The red currants bring a tartness and freshness to the cake and my colleague who also don’t fancy sweets said it was one of the best she ever had!

Red Currant Cake - Söta Saker

Red Currant Cake – Söta Saker

And then as I some more berries I throw together some strawberry and blueberry crumbled pies too!

Berry Crumble Pie

Berry Crumble Pie

I served the pies with the traditional vanilla sauce that we always serve to our pies in Sweden! And overall I think my colleagues enjoyed the Swedish sweets!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!