This time of the year the veggies are looking so delightful! All these lovely veggies inspires me to make a green wok for this week! With the green meaning the color green!

Mixing the green veggies with some meat. Add the Asia flavors from ginger, fish sauce, oyster sauce and coriander. And serve with some steamed rice brings back some memories from delightful dinners in Singapore and Bangkok!

Green Wok with Rib-Eye

Green Wok with Rib-Eye

The trick to handle the wok is to ensure it is hot. And that it goes quick! Cooking in batches it the best way for wok to many. The oil is also essential and ensuring an oil that has a high smoking point is crucial. Therefore I often use peanut oil for my wok. I also like to add the sesame oil to give some distinguished flavor. The sesame oil can very easy take over therefore I recommend to mix it with other oils and just use in small amounts.

Both oyster and fish sauce brings some saltiness to the dish therefore I add some sweetness to balance it out a little along with some lime juice.

As for most Asia inspired dishes I prefer a light beer such as the Thai Singha beer but a Corona goes just as well! Or for a hot day mineral water with some lime slices is a nice complement!

Recipe can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!