If you ask my mother she will proabably say that the dinner dish I made by myself most of the time growing up was cod in a package. This was an easy dish for a 10-12 year old to do and this is a dish that I still do quite often. Why? I really love it! I was one of those strange kids who didn’t like fish-sticks but loved boiled and oven- baked fish!

Now as an adult I have upgraded my basic childhood cod in package recipe to add some more veggies and also play around with the varieties of fish that is out there.

I would say that you can most likely use any kind of meaty fish and any kind of veggies for this dish. But for this week I give you a recipe with Halibut and I’ve added some flavor from ground cumin and cilantro (coriander). If you don’t like cilantro then use parsley.

Halibut in a package

Halibut in a package

Important note is that ensure to fold the sides together on top of the package as there is a nice juice in the done dish that you want to make sure you transfer to your dinner plate! As it is summer-time I would recommend that you can also do this one on your grill!

As always the recipe can be found in Swedish and English on top of this page!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!