The other day I invited a friend over for brunch. I really love brunch! Either at home or going out for brunch.

When hosting a brunch I try to go to a nice bakery to pick up some freshly baked bread. Of course one can bake at home but I find that variety of breads and sweets are little of the treats of a nice brunch. And I’m too lazy to do all of them myself! I usually buy the little bigger buns and individual breads and then one can slices them and split. That way one can try a wide variety! This time I even found a bigger carrot cake that we could slice!



I like to serve a variety of jams and preserves for the bread. For this brunch I made a little treat and made homemade strawberry jam. It is not hard to make it just takes a little time for preparation. Also for bread some nice ham and cheese are a must! For me a brunch should have both savory and sweet items!

And talking about savory – staples on my brunch are always bacon and scrambled eggs! Scramble eggs should be done as close as possible before sitting down to enjoy. I have found that using a non-stick saucepan and slowly stir/fold with a rubber spatula is the best ways for scrambled eggs!

Other things on my brunch is plenty of fresh fruit! And this time I also added some yogurt with homemade granola.

And of course drinks! Both my friend and I love tea so for us that was a must along with some sparkling wine! And we tried out the local Trius Brut from Hillebrand Winery at the Niagara Peninsula.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!