Summer is here and who (female) doesn’t want to have a nice pair of espadrille wedges sandals? Or more than one pair! Like me! Seems like espadrille wedges are everywhere and there are so many to choose from.

I’ve been looking for something silver for some time so when I found these I fell in love. I really love the silver strings on the heel that I feel add an extra detail to the shoe.

Michael Kors Viola Espadrille Sandal in Silver

Michael Kors Viola Espadrille Sandal in Silver

One of the things I like with Michael Kors shoes, at least the ones I have, is that the leather is very soft, which makes them comfortable. I’m quite happy with the pairs I have and I will definitively buy more.

My silver shoes are now ready to be taken out on the town and I definitively pair them with a pair of white jeans this summer.

Remember Life is too short to not have nice shoes!