So I said there would not be a Friday Dinner tip this week. But as not everyone celebrates Midsummer and also some of you might wanna eat another day this weekend something else than pickled herring I decided to share a variant of an already posted recipe.

It is the Parmesan Salmon recipe that you can find on top of this page in both Swedish and English. In this variant, that I did yesterday for lunch, I mixed the  mayonnaise with the shredded Parmesan and then mixed in 2 teaspoons of Dijon Original mustard. My personal favorite is the one from Maiille, but anyone of them will do. Spread the mixture on top of the salmon, bake in oven for about 15 min depending of thickness, and serve with new potatoes and a salad of thinly sliced apple and fennel.

Parmesan Salmon with Dijonnaise

Parmesan Salmon with Dijonnaise

Enjoy an ice cold beer or a glass of cold rose wine with this dish. And if you are not up for some alcohol (after your Midsummer party) then add some thin slices of apple and lemon to (mineral) water. It gives a fresh taste to it!

Tip: If you serve many, you can use a whole side of salmon fillet and spread the mixture on top. And then serve the side as a whole instead of individual slices.

Remember Life is too short to not drink and eat well!