Actually for this Friday there will not be a Friday dinner tip! As I can’t imagine this Friday eating anything else than pickled or soused herring!

Yes that is right! Herring! This Friday we celebrate Midsummer – summer solstice – in Sweden and for midsummer we have special food and as the ingredients can’t easily be found since IKEA limited its Food section it would be hard to share these great tasting recipes!

So what do we eat? We traditional eat smorgasbord or as we in Sweden write it Smörgåsbord. It is a buffet-style with cold and hot dishes. We always start with herring and in Sweden we probably have hundreds of ways to prepare the herring. Most common ones are the ones where we add herring in some kind of vinegar sauce or a (sour) cream-based or mustard-based sauces. By adding onions, herbs, spices berries etc each one of them will taste differently. Sometimes the herring will be followed by salmon; smoked and/or a cured one that we call grav lax. The hot dishes is usually Swedish meatballs, small sausages and sometimes a potato-dish called Jansson’s temptation.

Plate with herring

Plate with herring and new potatoes

As in Sweden at the time for Midsummer the new potatoes have just arrived so they are a staple for the Midsummer Smörgåsbord as well as the first strawberries for the year which we enjoy as dessert!

To this meal we usually drink beer and snaps. Snaps is served in small glasses similar to a shot. The drink is a strong alcoholic beverage (similar to vodka) that is flavored with herbs such as anise, wormwood, fennel seeds and/or caraway.
And to each snaps we sing a song!

Midsummer is fun!  I’m looking forward to my Swedish-Canadian Midsummer party!
If you are not Swedish and want to know more you can read about the tradition on Wikipedia!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!
Happy Midsummer!