The other day I went by my fish guy and he just had got this great sea bass in. So for this Friday dinner I’m totally in for Sea bass again.

Pancetta is one of those ingredients that I turn to when I want to add some extra flavor to my dish.  This Italian bacon can be found in many variants but I usually pick the one that as most meat and not just fat. If you can’t find pancetta regular bacon works just fine for this recipe too. As the pancetta (or bacon) will add salt to the dish I usually do not salt the fish.

Seabass with spinach and pancetta

Sea bass with spinach and pancetta

This week I serve my sea bass with a Riesling that I bought at the Lailey winery at the Niagara Peninsula.

As always the recipe can be found in both Swedish and English at top of the page.

For this week I recommend using a steamer. If you don’t have a steamer then I suggest you go out and buy one. I bought mine at IKEA for 3 Euros! And it works just as good as an expensive one from a fancy kitchen store. You can also use a Chines bamboo steamer to steam the fish in.

Great things with cooking with a steamer is that it goes quick and the fish (almost) always turn out perfectly and not dry at all! The insert fits in many pots as it can expand.

Steamer insert

Steamer insert

Steamer insert expanded

Steamer insert expanded

For one person I often add potatoes and my veggies and the fish in the steamer and cook it all. Potatoes and root vegetables needs some extra time so then I steam those for about 5-7 minutes before I add the fish and rest of my veggies.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!