In my family only my mother and I like lamb. So when we are alone we always make something with lamb. But I would say that 9 times out of 10 my mom makes these orange flavored lamb chops. This is one of our favorite dishes! When I make lamb chops or rack of lamb myself I always use this seasoning.

In my view oranges and rosemary match very well together. And with lamb! For me the orange zest gives a freshness to the meat while rosemary gives the herb-hearty flavor that I associate with lamb.

Orange flavored lamb chops

Orange flavored lamb chops

For this Friday I suggest to serve the lamb with root vegetables. At this time of the year, at least in the Northern countries of the Earth, one starts to find the season’s first root vegetables in the stores and at farmers market. Personally I love roasted beets! And beets as well as carrots fit very well with the flavor from the orange zest. And to lamb! In my mouth this is a great combination!

If you chose to grill the lamb on the grill be careful as the orange zest can easily burn. Brush the lamb chops with a little extra oil before putting them on the grill.

Remember the recipe you find at top of the page in both Swedish and English.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!