Now when it starts to get warm and nice outside I crave something fresh for dinner. This Friday Dinner I suggest to serve a grilled salmon fillet with a fresh mango salsa seasoned with lime, coriander and spring onions. A perfect fit for a warm early summer evening. And for those who read my blog earlier this week, you know I love mango! So I figure why not add a recipe too!

In the mango salsa I add some chili to get some heat. Coriander (cilantro) and lime zest and juice give the salsa freshness. When grating the lime I usually do this right above the bowl as the lime zest tend to be get very tiny and then all of it comes into the salsa instead of getting stuck on my cutting board! Using a handheld grater such as the Microplane® citrus grater is an easy tool to use and good to have at home. But of course the regular grater on it’s fine side can also be used.

Salmon w mango salsa

Salmon w mango salsa

There are quite some people who can’t stand the taste of coriander. My mom is one of them! There seems to be a genetic trait that makes some people to experience the flavor from coriander tasting like soap. Others, like myself, we only taste a fresh  citrus-like flavor from coriander. So if you are one of them who can’t stand coriander just switch it out for some parsley!

The recipe can be found on top of the page in both Swedish and English. And even if the recipe calls for making the salmon in the oven you can of course also grill it outside! I personally think that this dish taste best if the salmon cools down just a little before serving it to the cold mango salsa and some freshly baked bread. And left overs are perfect for a lunch!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!