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Visiting Seattle and it rained. Of course no surprise there but still! I spend some hours running from one store to another trying to stay dry as good as I could.

I walked into the Michael Kors store and they had displays with orange, fuschia, white and tan bags, shoes and clothes. Anyone who has visited a Michael Kors store know that the stores are quite white and has very bright lights. Personally I find that most stores have quite some dim lights. So after spending some time in all the dimly lit stores and the darkness of a rainy day outside the bright lights and the colors in the store really got me feeling that there is still hope for summer. Of course it also helps that the people working there were in great mood and as it was not too busy we got to chat some. Being from Sweden usually breaks the ice when they hear my accent!

And of course I walked out with a pair – the Carla Platform Sandal!

Michael Kors Carla Platform Sandal

Michael Kors Carla Platform Sandal

The girl in the store had these on in black. She told me that she wears them all day in the store and that they were quite comfy. And I have to agree! The wide strips are really soft and the platform makes the heel not too high. Of course I haven’t had the chance to try them out for a long time yet! So have to take her word for it.