As I love seafood I really enjoy being here in Seattle. Wow so much good food and only a weekend to get it all in! Where to start?

There is so many nice rastaurants with menus that appeals to me so it has been hard to chose which ones to go to. Last night we went to Tavolàta, one of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants in Seattle. I really liked the interior of the restaurant with lovely lightning, a wall of mirrors behind the bar, otherwise the interior had a little harsh industrial feel to it and at the end there was the open kitchen. In the middle there is a large table. Tavolàta means table I learned, and the concept of the restaurant is to gather around a large table. We though got a table for two on the side of the larger table.

The waiter was very observant and he told us early that we might feel the portion large and it was ok to share if we wanted to. Something we directly jumped to as sharing means trying more food.

We started with splitting two starters;
Bruschetta topped with smoked mackerel mixed in an aioli and garnished with pickled onion. And as we both love scallops we without hesitation decided on the seared scallops served in an asparagus soup with grilled baguette. I must admit that both starters were quite filling.

Asparagus soup with Seared scallops

Asparagus soup with seared scallops

As a main course we split the whole grilled Dourade served on a paste of roasted pepper and almonds and garnished with herb salad. To it we took creamy polenta and grilled zucchini.

Whole Grilled Dourade

Whole Grilled Dourade

I must say it all tasted fresh and delicious. And honestly the servings were at least for the two of us quite big so we couldn’t even finish our whole fish even if we were splitting one main course on two.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!