Italian food is among my favorite! And one of the dishes I really enjoy is Saltimbocca. It is hard to get so great tasting saltimbocca as I’ve gotten in Roma (Rome). But I think my recipe is quite tasty too. Not sure my good Italian friend Marta will give it a 100% Italian approval but it works for me.

Personally I think my recipe is quite easy to prepare and as the veal is so thin it only takes minutes to cook. The most time in this recipe is spent on reducing the wine to make a great sauce! Never stress a reducing of a sauce, as when reducing you really get the flavors out! But also watch out, sometimes I’ve reduced my sauce so much so basically there is nothing left except a hard burnt solid at the bottom of my pan! Not fun to clean!

If there is no thin sliced veal in my store I usually ask the butcher to cut some for me. And often the butcher even gives it a good bang too to get it really thin! Then I don’t have to make the slices thinner when I come home.

In my kitchen the essentials to make a great saltimbocca:
Very thinly sliced veal
Fresh sage
Prosciutto de Parma
And a sauce made with Marsala wine

I usually serve my saltimbooca at home with gnocchi. But of course one can serve it with pasta such as Pappardelle or with polenta.

For this Friday I also serve oven-roasted tomatoes to it. If you find cherry tomatoes on the vine, don’t take the vine away as it looks nice when serving it. And don’t forget the lemon wedges, they are the dots over the i:s!

As all my recipes you can find it in both Swedish and English at top of the page.



Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!