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Sometimes I just want a little snack in the evening. And I admit it a piece of fruit or my usual cup of tea doesn’t cut it. Those who knows me well know that I don’t really have a sweet tooth. Yes, now you know why there is so little about desserts in my blog!

My sweet tooth is more a savory one. And mostly cheese in any formats. Cheese pair well though with a little sweetness such as found in fruit. Yesterday when I went to the grocery store they had these lovely fresh figs. I love figs! I just had to buy them! And figs and chèvre – soft French goat cheese – make a very lovely combination in my mouth. To add a little saltiness I topped the chèvre with a small piece of Serrano ham. This combination is also great to serve with some drinks but right now on Monday night I enjoy a cup of tea to my little snack!

Fig with Chèvre and Serrano ham

Fig with Chèvre and Serrano ham

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!