Time for weekend drinks! I like to make some snacks to my weekend drink and often I pick out the regular ones like olives, some snacks like chips or nuts, or maybe some nice salami in small pieces. Now and then a veggie dip or maybe some hummus and/or tapenade served with crostinis.

Looking into my fridge I found a zucchini that I need to make something out of so I decided that this time make some zucchini snacks to my weekend drink.

I sliced the zucchini thin and placed them one and one on an non-stick sheet-pan (cookie-sheet). One third of the slices I topped with very thinly slices of garlic and sprinkled Herbes de Provence over. The other third I grated Parmesan over. And then the last third I did what turned out to be my favourite (It was really yummy!) I added the slices to a piece of flat bread I had in my freezer. I sliced the flat bread in smaller pieces and placed the thinly sliced zucchini on top and again topped it off with fresh grated Parmesan. I placed the sheet into the oven on 225 degrees C for 15 min.

Zucchini snacks

Zucchini snacks

I though must say that all three variants turned out quite good! Even if the flat-bread one was my favourite! And it was a nice variation to the regular snacks! So if you want to try something different serve your next Dry Martini with some zucchini!

Remember Life is too short to not drink and eat well!