Another fish that I like quite a lot to cook with is Tilapia. To be quite thin I find the Tilapia fillets keep very well together, which makes it a nice fish to fry in the frying pan or skillet.

One of my favourite ways to prepare Tilapia is by wrapping it in some Prosciutto. As  Prosciutto gives out some of its salt when heated I never salt the fish instead I let the ham be the salt of this dish. In this dish I add some grated lemon zest and rosemary to flavour the fish. I find this combination quite fresh! Which makes this dish a nice spring or summer dish in my kitchen. And if the weather allows this fish makes a great alternative to grilled meat on the outdoor grill.

Tilapia with Prosciutto

Tilapia with Prosciutto

As always the recipe is found on top of the page in both Swedish and English!

This dish is quite easy to prepare and it is also quite easy to make when having many people over. One can prepare the fish by just quickly sear the fish in a pan, and then place the fish fillets into an oven-proof dish and finish it off in the oven just before serving. So if you are short of time and don’t want to stand in the kitchen while your guests arrive this dinner is easy to prepare and then cook until done in the oven just before serving. And personally I prefer cooking with the oven when I have guests over. It helps keep the kitchen clean. And hopefully only invited and tasty aromas will fill the air from the kitchen instead of any cooking odours from heated fats!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!