Last week I did my “green shopping”. In my case it happened to be a large amount of green fruits and veggies. So indeed I’ve been eating my greens this week. But I still had quite some spinach left over so today it became a true spinach day.

In Sweden there is a classic spinach soup (Google Swedish spinach soup and you will find tons of recipes). Growing up with the Swedish school canteen spinach soup, I can honestly say a homemade version is not even close to what my school used to serve! I thought spinach soup was a horrible lumpy smelly soup! It probably took my 15 years before I tried to make it at home having the school variant still fresh in my memory! If you are Swedish and had same experience as I had, and you haven’t tried it since you went to school, I encourage you to do a new try. And do it yourself!

The soup is quite easy to do. Boil white chopped onion in chicken stock until soft, about 10 min. Most recipes call for frozen spinach but I personally prefer fresh spinach. (Maybe that is the difference between my homemade and the school variant?) I then add the spinach for about 3 minutes. Then I mix the soup smooth using my handmixer. Add a splash of cream and give it a good whip. To thicken the soup I’ll  add a tablespoon of cornstarch. I season the soup with some fresh ground pepper and some nutmeg.

Traditional the soup is served with halved boiled eggs. I don’t get that part of the traditional soup so I omit the egg.

Swedish spinach soup

Swedish spinach soup

I served the soup with some homemade crostinis and spinach dip. As I had quite some spinach it also was enough to a dip too! I will admit that I burned some of the crostinis so my fire alarm went off… At least I now know that it works!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well.