On a rainy day I find that soup always taste so good. The thing I love with soup is that I can take almost whatever veggies I have at home and boil them in a stock to make soup. Also veggies that look a little “sad” fit well in the soup.  As the variety of my veggies differ the soup can turn out differently every time. But basically I always have potatoes and some root vegetables in the fridge and they make a good and filling base for any soup.

Today I had a piece of salmon so decide on a salmon soup. Boiling water with fish stock and added a splash of white dry wine that I had in the fridge. I find it very handy to have small amounts of wine on hand for seasoning soups, stews, risotto and sauces.

I also added a tablespoon of tomato paste and a dash of dry thyme to flavour the soup base. I chopped up potato, parsnip and carrot and added them to the soup base. When the root vegetables are almost done I added some sliced celery and then the last 5 minutes I added the salmon cut in pieces. Important to always add the fish at the end as overcooked fish gets very dry!

Cut some fresh dill on top. And just beacuse I like it I also added a teaspoon of capers. They add some saltyness to the soup.

Soup with Salmon and vegetables

Soup with Salmon and vegetables

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well.