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After my holiday it was again time to stock up the fridge as back in my apartment in Toronto it is just one word that best describe my fridge – empty!

Coming from the heat in Florida I got the taste for warm weather foods which for me equals lots of fresh fruit & veggies. I’m usually very good keeping a shopping list otherwise I keep on forgetting something that I really need like milk. But when it comes to fruit and veggies I usually add just that to my list. And then I pick and chose from what I find in the store. Fruit and veggies that look tasty and inspires me right there and then. I also try to buy fruits and veggies that are in season.

I went over to my grocery store and cruised along the produce as I usually do. Yes, I also love to grocery shop! Standing at the cashier I took a look at my shopping basket and shopping bag. And I started to laugh out loud.  The cashier girl looked at me and I could see “the crazy woman-look” in her face. But I shop in this store most days of the week so I guess she knows I’m usually sane. And then she looked in the basket and in the bag she was packing for me. She looked up at me and started to laugh too. And she comment “Shopping Green has now a new meaning for me!”

Green vegetables

Green fruit & vegetables

I even bought a green bottled mineral water and the mango I picked where kind of green too.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!
Enjoy the greens!