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After two weeks of lovely vacation with my good friend Linda it was once more up to me to decide what to eat. As both Linda and I enjoy good food it has been nice to have some company of someone who just like me get excited walking into a farmers market or Whole Foods store, inspired by all the fresh food and discussing what we can make for lunch or dinner. And on our trips we of course have enjoyed some nice foods in restaurants in both Ontario and Florida.

But now it is up to me! Inspired by the warm weather foods from Florida I decided to make steamed sea bass with asparagus, as they are yummy and in season, and a warm potato salad. For some reason I got a desire for dill. So I boiled some fingerling potatoes and made a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, dill and sea salt that I poured over the warm sliced potatoes.









To accompany my dinner I opened a Riesling that I picked up at the Lailey vineyard that Linda and I visited in the Niagara Peninsula.

Remember that Life is too short to not eat and drink well!