I have this pair of ballerinas that I bought in Hong Kong in October 2009. They have traveled with me to Philippines, Shanghai, Singapore, Brazil, USA, France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, multiple trips to Sweden and of course they are with me to Toronto. And right now they sit on my feet in Florida!

They fit to jeans, skirt, dress up and casual. Yes, I think I have had these pairs to all my outfits at least at one occasion. They are the ones I have with me in case I need to switch from high heels after a long day. Or night! They have been to multiple parties, a couple of weddings, and a funeral. During nice weather-days  they are my No. 1 shoes to wear.

They have a low heel, ~1cm. Most ballerinas are basically all flat, or heels that are a couple of mm, these are a little more comfy and my feet (and back) feel better than walking in the almost flat ballerinas.

I must say that after 2,5 years they are still looking pretty nice. I take good care of them but I think the shoes themselves are of very good quality and therefore they stay nice.

I would love to find a new pair as these have been my absolute favorite pair for over 2,5 years and I will be very sad the day I have to retire them.