My good friend Linda has just arrvied to Toronto for a visit. We will togehter explore the area before we head down to Florida for Easter vacation. Yesterday we decided to dine in and walked over to the grocery store to see what we could found that we liked to eat for dinner. As soon as we came through the door we stumble upon a seafood promotion! Literally they had a stand with shrimp, mussels, salmon and scallops right there in the door.  We didn’t need much more inspiration!

So we walked home with some mussels and scallops, fresh green asparagus, and a lemon. We deiced to make some garlic bread as well and took a loaf of Italian bread with us too.

At home Linda popped the cork out of the Pol Roger Champagne that she had given me when she arrived. Sipping on the champagne I made a mussel base with chopped onion, cream, white wine and water.  I lightly seared the scallops and boiled the asparagus.

And yes there were still some champagne left in the bottle to enjoy with the meal!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well.