One of the fishes I really enjoy is the sea bass. Sea bass, like monk fish, I find quite meaty and when cooked it gets flaky but still keeps together when prepared. There are many kind of sea bass and they are quite widely found in one variety or another. In this recipe I wrap bacon around the fish. Bacon gives a nice flavor to the fish. Personally I think bacon gives enough salt to the fish and there is no need for any extra salt. Just a round with the pepper mill over the fish is enough seasoning for me.

To the fish I suggest serving “au gratin” beets using the soft French goat cheese. Beets together with goat cheese is a personal favorite and I often serve this as a starter or side dish. A tiny dollop of honey on top of the melted goat cheese really gets the dot over the i so to say.

To finish this dish I suggest a parsnip puree. Parsnip puree can be made with just parsnip or as in this case mix parsnip and potato. I really love the combination of parsnip and potatoes mixed into a fine puree. To ensure there are no lumps in the puree I always use a potato press. When making a puree it is important to not add too much liquid too fast as the puree then can get runny. Adding a little a time will ensure a nice smooth end result.

As always the recipe can be found on top of this page in both Swedish and English.
Tip: As days get warmer the fish taste wonderful grilled!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!